Our Client Testimonial Property Sales


We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to you, Koji, when we were looking for a house to purchase. You made the whole process enjoyable as there was no hard sell and you shared you’re in depth knowledge of the area with us making the decision easier for us. We deeply appreciate and are grateful that you have gone beyond the call of duty to find out answers to our queries. Your attention to detail is highly commendable! The hard work and dedication you put into your work has resulted in such a great experience for us and reflects true professionalism. We can’t thank you enough and have no reservations in recommending your services.


When investing in properties overseas, you need a reliable Japanese Estate agent.
We met Mr. Hosokawa about 10 years ago through my friend who lived in Sydney. Back then Mr. Hosokawa was young and ambitious, but eagerly listened to our requests and presented many properties to us. After selecting a property, he followed up via emails, arranging the contracts, securing the loan from the bank, and even organising of the furniture delivery from Japan. He was extremely helpful as we could rarely travel to Australia. It has been 10 years since then, and we assure you that Mr. Hosokawa has gained more knowledge and experiences now which contributes to his sustainable connections in Perth. We had purchased other investment properties before in Perth, so English was not too much of a issue. However, it was the difference in cultures between the western countries and Japan that we were occasionally confronted with which is why it is very important to have a partner like Mr. Hosokawa if you invest overseas.
Mr. Koji Sekiyama


We sold our house last year.
Last year, we needed to sell our house. Although we have lived in Perth for a long time, we had not bought or sold many properties, so selling our house was not a familiar experience. I felt anxious as property books or documents are very difficult for me to understand, and also I had no idea of which estate agent was good to go to. Then I heard about Mr. Hosokawa from COSY Estate Quest whom I can speak to in Japanese. He explained to me thoroughly about property estimates, documentation, advice about home opens, and other necessary steps to take in selling our house. He contacted me regularly, and he always responded to my requests promptly which was valuable. The COSY Estate Quest has divisions for property settlement and financing which makes whole property procedure simple and easy. Thanks to Mr. Hosokawa, as he made my property selling experience from potentially stressful into a smooth one.


We sold our family home in Perth.
Owning my own home in Perth in Australia had never come across to my mind until I had one. Since then we lived in the house for more than a decade. To my utmost surprise, we sold the family home for three times more than its original market price. “What is important is to spend less on decoration and to sell the house quickly. Repair all necessary areas otherwise potential repair costs will worry the buyers and subsequently it may put them off from buying. Frankly, buyers want to buy a house which is ready to live in straight away.”This was the expert advice he gave us when we sold out house for the deal of a lifetime. Also as Japanese speakers, having a property agent that could speak Japanese was best. However it is vital to choose a trustworthy property specialist. I wanted to sell our house since I was returning to Japan, and as I had no reasons to sell the house in hurry, I left the house’s repair jobs and other issues under the trusting care of COSY Estate Quest. Our contacts were via emails, fax and telephone calls and posts, all done after I had returned to Japan. The house was repaired perfectly, and was sold within a month. In another month time, the house’s sales amount was deposited into my bank account. With all my heart, I am thanking my property specialist for his honest actions and faithfulness towards me.
Name withheld


We have sold off our property in Perth.
We appointed COSY Estate Quest to sell our property in Perth. Mr. Hosokawa had explained the business contracts and the necessary steps to complete the sales. The video guide demonstrating the property selling was very helpful and it cleared our reservations and attached feelings towards selling our home. I remember Mr. Hosokawa regularly contacted us during our home opens, telling us about potential buyers. I am grateful to him that we found a nice buyer in a relatively short period of time, and things were dealt with smoothly and promptly by him. Our sale achieved success because Mr. Hosokawa took our personal criteria and feelings into account when selling our house, and cleared our worries about selling in English by his trusting and reliable service. You can count on Mr. Hosokawa for his support with detailed documents, income and expenditure matters, or even small inquiries.
Mr. Yoshimasa Sano and Mrs. Shihoko Sano (Chiba in Japan)


Our Client Testimonial Property Lease


Every time our company sends employee from Japan, Mr. Hosokawa helps us.
Choosing residential properties for our employees is often very difficult because of lack of information on local affairs, limited time, and other restrictions. Making appointments with real estate agencies to view residential properties for our Japanese staff is the most time consuming for me. By appointing Mr. Hosokawa to make appointments for me, I could view properties efficiently in a limited time. Mr. Hosokawa also helped us with property agreements, how to fill out rental request forms, explaining terms in special clauses, and offered detailed advice. Thanks to him, we could enter into the contract smoothly. I heard he is going to extend his service to after contract follow up. With Mr. Hosokawa’s huge circle of connections, I am sure he will be upmost helpful in that field too. We wish you and the COSY Estate Quest all the best.
Name withheld (Chief in General Affairs. Japanese company)


When one is relocated to work overseas, it is vital to have your house and vehicles organized in advance to transit to new working environment.
Different countries have different requirements for their properties. Therefore when it comes to searching properties and creating contracts I wanted them trouble free and proper since I have a family. COSY Estate Quest emailed me with up to date information about properties and general affairs in Perth before my relocation. After I arriving in Perth, they helped me looking for my rental property. All these are dealt in Japanese and that was very helpful to me. In Australia, we needed to view properties in person which was a problem without my own vehicle. I cannot thank the COSY enough for their ultimate services in making appointments for property viewing, providing a transport service to several properties viewings, and an application for tenancy. Once settling into a new office, there is no time to deal with our private matters. With my experience, I strongly recommend the COSY’s professional service.
Name withheld (Japanese Company Office Manager)


Why I recommend the COSY Estate Quest.
Here is why I recommend you Mr. Hosokawa from the COSY Estate Quest. After my relocation to Perth, I did not know about my new residential area at all. He filled us with the information about living near our property: shops, schools and reputation. He made appointments for property viewing with transportation. He gave us realistic advice on Perth’s property conditions, facilities, and lease criteria. After deciding on a rental property, he organized the electricity, gas and internet connections on behalf of me. This was very helpful. He gave us important advice whenever we had issues with our landlord.
Y. M


I requested the COSY Estate Quest to find a rental house for me when I was relocated to Perth.
Finding a place to live was the most difficult thing when I was relocating to Perth. Throughout my life I have lived many places due to my work, and I find Perth the hardest place to find a place to live. Before arriving in Perth, I looked for rental properties on internet, and made several contacts to the local estate agencies. But I hardly received their replies. After a while I learned that it is often too late to secure a property when the property is advertised on line. Furthermore, it is common to offer venders an increase of rent to secure the rental property. One of my colleagues was force to stay in a hotel for several months which cost him dearly. Make matters worse, he had to find another hotel because it was full. Considering Perth’s property affairs, it would be economical and time saving to have professionals get involved in property hunting, since they can offer sufficient information and associates that can comply to a Japanese employee’s requirements. I figured I could not find the property by myself, and I asked the COSY Estate Quest to help me. Thanks to them I found a place to live in and entered into lease agreement in a short time. Another reason that I strongly recommend anyone to the COSY’s consulting service is because of the nature of the real estate agents in Perth. Generally the estate agent represents the vendors, and thereafter do not act either in favor of tenants or stay neutral. The rental contacts are varied as well as requirements when we move in and out of the property. If anyone tries to handle the property ordeals without much knowledge they may not be able to achieve their goal. For those who are coming to live in Perth, I cannot recommend the COSY Estate Quest enough.
M. T


After arriving in Perth,
After arriving in Perth, it was very difficult for us to find a property in Perth during a rental boom. My company could not help me so they told me about the COSY Estate Quest. We could not find the school for our children from the start however COSY helped us to find our place to live. They offered us professional advice on a creating lease agreement. We were impressed by their attention to detail in organising electricity, gas and the telephone connection after entering the lease contract. For these reasons I recommend the COSY Estate Quest to whoever starts new life in Perth. I sincerely wish the COSY Estate Quest prosperity in their new operation.
T. I


I had to organize my rental property within a week of my business trip in Perth.
I am very pleased that I could find the right house in 2 days, thanks to the COSY’s wide networks and support. Even after I had chosen my rental property, Mr. Hosokawa accompanied with me to view more potential rental properties for me. Hence I made the right decision on my chosen property on a firm basis. When creating a lease agreement, he advised us to add special clauses to protect us from unnecessary confrontations, which made our lease agreement unique to our eyes and satisfactory. It was also very helpful that he arranged the utilities on behalf of us so we had instant access to electricity and so on.
H. E


I have been working in Perth since March, 2009.
When I was assigned to relocate and work in Perth, I requested COSY for property searching and viewing inspections on my behalf. Thanks to their support, I found a newly built, clean property with a beautiful view. Later on, we had several problems which we could only find out after moving into the property. Those problems rarely happen in Japan. I greatly appreciated Mr. Hosokawa’s support in communicating property maintenance requirements to our landlord, as well as arranging electricity, gas, and internet connection. Consequently we could get back on our feet in no time. Thanks to him, we realized that we had saved a lot of time and money in the end.
Mr. Hidetoshi Yokota (Osaka Gas Australia)


Letters from Client in Australia


To Whom It May Concern: I met Koji Hosokawa of COSY Estate Quest recently, when my wife and I purchased a home of which he was the vendor’s real estate representative. We have found him to be a very professional and caring person for whom we provide this reference with pleasure. Yours sincerely


Mr Koji Hosokawa of COSY Estate Quest recently conducted the sale of my property. I found him to be honest and most careful in his dealings with me at every stage of the sale process. He succeeded in selling my property quickly and for a very satisfactory price. I have much pleasure in recommending Mr Koji Hosokawa to anyone wishing to sell their property. Yours sincerely


We are writing to you with regard to the excellent job done by Koji Hosokawa inn selling our property in East Perth. My wife and I would like to commend Koji for the professional and friendly manner in which he dealt with us in selling our property at East Perth in WA It could have been very difficult for Koji with us the vendors in South Australia and other selling agent and the clients interested in our property in Western Australia. However, due to the commitment of Koji the whole sale process from the valuation / marketing report, open inspection, offers sale and settlement went smoothly with continual communication from Koji. Koji regularly communicated with us to keep us up to date with the actions he had taken and what needed to be done. We could ring him anything to ask question and seek guidance, and he was straight forward and honest. Wife and I would like to sincerely thank Koji for the work he did for us his vendor and request that you pass a copy of this letter onto their. We congratulate Koji for a job well done. Yours sincerely